Small Monthly Fee, Big Efficiency Benefits

ScopesYou’ve been wringing revenue out of every nook and cranny. But if you’re like most executives, you may have overlooked a not-so-obvious opportunity: your endo suite.

Endoscopy Suite Partners helps medical centers manage their endoscopy equipment more effectively and efficiently. The result: maximized revenue and more working capital.

Our clients can benefit from a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Purchase of client equipment to provide working capital
  • Upgrades to newer technology with no up-front cost
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all equipment
  • Scheduled maintenance according to manufacturer’s and FDA specifications
  • Repairs, including emergency response
  • Compliance with all FDA alerts
  • Complete range of endoscopy supplies

Why Work With Us?

endoscope equipment1. Gain up to $1,000,000 in new working capital.

Endoscopy Suite Partners buys your endo suite equipment. Depending on what you currently own, this could mean an infusion of as much as $1,000,000 in working capital that you can put to use elsewhere.

2. Attract new physicians with upgraded technology.

Would leading-edge technology attract more physicians? Endoscopy Suite Partners will not only buy your current equipment, but we can also replace it with the latest and greatest. Remember, you’re renting, not buying, so your outlay is minimal and pays for itself in more referrals. What if the new business doesn’t materialize? Stop worrying, because there’s no risk to you, and no additional cost. Endoscopy Suite Partners bears the burden of the risk.

3. Increase suite efficiencies.

Following rigorous maintenance and servicing schedules that minimize unexpected repairs means your suite will have more uptime. The ability to schedule more patients in a timely manner increases both physician and patient satisfaction.

4. Improve nurse manager job satisfaction.

Your nurse manager didn’t go to nursing school to manage cleaning technicians. By freeing your nurse of this responsibility, you leave more time for patient and physician interactions.

Want to know more? See our comprehensive list of features and benefits.