1. Endoscopy Suite Partners Increases Endo Suite Operating Efficiency

The more efficient your suite operations, the more procedures you can schedule. It’s that simple.

The greatest barrier to efficiency in the endo suite is the unanticipated breakdown of equipment. But the truth is, in almost every case, equipment failure could easily have been anticipated. It’s nearly always a direct result of not following rigorous maintenance and servicing protocols. Endoscopy Suite Partners will commit to maintaining your equipment so there are fewer unexpected breakdowns.

And timely, rigorous maintenance and servicing is only the beginning. Endoscopy Suite Partners can also serve as your single source for every other aspect of efficient suite operations, including equipment management throughout its lifecycle, equipment upgrades, a full range of endoscopy supplies and more.

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Nothing Changes Except for the Better

  • The equipment is the same (unless you choose to upgrade it), but the ownership is off your books and onto ours.
  • The cleaning and maintenance processes improve. They’re upgraded to our standards to lower your infection risk.
  • The uptime changes. There’s more of it.
  • The nurse manager’s time is now spent on patient care and safety, instead of managing the cleaning techs or handling the problems of unexpected breakdowns.

2. Endoscopy Suite Partners Is Better for Patients and Staff

Did you know?

A more efficient endo suite, with more uptime, is better for your bottom line and benefits every person involved.

NURSE MANAGERS enjoy increased job satisfaction, because they are able to spend more time focusing on their patients. There’s less crisis management when there are fewer unexpected breakdowns. The headaches of hiring, training and managing are gone, and worrying about CMS/FDA/JCAHO compliance falls on our shoulders.

PHYSICIANS appreciate the opportunity to schedule more patients. Both established and new physicians and new referrers will be attracted to the state-of-the-art technology upgrades and greater operating efficiency.

PATIENTS benefit from more convenient scheduling, thanks to increased uptime. But an even more significant benefit to patient care is the improvement in efficiency. A smoothly run suite without unexpected delays is one of the best ways to de-stress a nervous patient.

MANAGEMENT sees bottom-line benefits. Eliminating those surprise breakdowns can mean that the suite has the capacity to increase the amount of procedures per day, with the potential for a substantial revenue increase. Yet the fixed monthly fee won’t change, no matter how many procedures you perform or how many repairs are needed.

3. Endoscopy Suite Partners Is Better for Your Bottom Line

Our company is 100% focused on maximizing uptime in the endo suite. The more uptime, the more procedures you can perform. The more procedures, the better for the bottom line.

Endoscopy Suite Partners’ comprehensive services provide a wide range of benefits for a pre-set monthly fee:

  • Opportunity to gain up to $1,000,000 in new working capital
  • Managed endo suite expenses
  • Zero capital outlay for equipment upgrades
  • More suite uptime that can increase appointment capacity and revenue potential

Guaranteed, predictable costs with one monthly fee, no matter how many procedures you do. To learn more, call us at 877-213-9005 or fill out our contact form.