Endoscopy Suite Partners is a Delaware-based company focused exclusively on helping the owners of endo suites maximize operating efficiency and optimize revenue while increasing nurse, patient and physician satisfaction. We serve individual hospitals, health systems and endoscopy clinics nationwide.

Improved Efficiency

Team of doctors performing endoscopy in hospitalThe more efficient your suite, the greater the potential to increase revenue; yet it’s a rare endo suite that operates at peak efficiency. There are just too many components — human and mechanical — that have to work together.

Our comprehensive approach is designed to increase uptime and extend equipment life. It includes:

  • Asset management with cost-effective upgrades
  • Disinfection and disinfection to manufacturer’s specifications to lower infection risk
  • Diligent maintenance to avoid preventable breakdowns
  • 24-7 attention to repairs
  • Single source for all endoscopy supplies
  • Equipment purchase to increase your working capital
  • Upgrades to new, more efficient technology

To learn more about how we can help you, call Endoscopy Suite Partners at 887-213-9005 or fill out our contact form.