Endoscopy Suite Myths Endoscopy Suite Facts
Unexpected equipment breakdowns are a part of business. They're unpredictable, and we just have to take the hit to the bottom line.

Endoscopy equipment rarely breaks down if it’s maintained to manufacturer’s specifications and schedules. Yes, it needs to be taken out of service from time to time, but that downtime can be planned for and scheduled to minimize disruption of patient care. Breakdowns may be a fact of some other CEO’s life, but they don’t have to be part of yours.

There’s no risk of infection. The employees are sterilizing and disinfecting the equipment properly.

The majority of your employees may be processing your endoscopes properly, but some employees may not be. The FDA recently issued a safety alert about processing flexible endoscopes or endoscopic accessories. If they aren’t processed properly, patients can be exposed to bodily fluids and tissue contaminants from prior patients. Why expose your institution to the risk?

We have limited available capital. The endo suite has to wait its turn.

Endoscopy Suite Partners can provide you with new working capital — as much as $1,000,000 of capital — by selling your endoscopy equipment to Endoscopy Suite Partners. It’s up to you where you spend that capital.

You can’t say yes to every physician request. The doctors will always want the latest technology, but it’s not realistic to try to provide it.

Now Endoscopy Suite Partners gives your facility the opportunity to have much-desired technology upgrades for a very low cash outlay, often just a few dollars a month. And newer technology is not only safer, it’s more efficient and draws better physicians.